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The new album from The Malek Jandali Trio

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Best Quality Free Images for Commercial use Sites Around the Internet

There has been a new trend for free stock images sites around the web. Most of them are webdesigners and hobby photographers taking photos and giving it away for free without attribution for the sake of getting traffic back to their portfolios. While these sites photos are not professional, but with some filters they are managing to bring a nice feel to them. Howerver, many proffessional photosgrapher who make their living out of photographery are not very satified with this type of trend. Well, I think they have the right to and i don’t think supporting such sites is the right thing for many reasons: 1. Images are mostly limited to nature and are not diverse in category. 2. While photos may seem trendy, they are far from high quality. 3. Not attributing the photo makes the photo much less valauble, image a BOSS suit without the label on it, it would drop from $$$$$ to $$. 4. Send a big unrespectable massage to the photographer community and makes their hard job much harder. Lets stop with the above mentioned, I think they are enough reasons. Now their is an alternative were the only difference is attributing the photo. Their are Common creatives that allow commercial use of photos and a good place to find such photos would be Flickr, but you would still have to dig hours to find the right quality you are looking for. But there is another alternative, High Resolution Photography for free for commercial use images, this site is curating incredibley high quality photos with many of them has been featured and won awards for...
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